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APC BR1500g UPS System Review

APC BR1500g If you run any kind of electrical systems at home that are vulnerable to being damaged by power surges, then a UPS system such as the APC BR1500g is highly
recommended. They are especially useful for using on computer set ups, as you will then have the ability to ensure all your work is saved and nothing is lost if you do have a loss of power around the home or office, and it will also protect against those damaging power surges.

Choosing the right UPS system for your need is imperative if you want to get the optimal protection for your specific setup. In this article we are going to take a look at the APC BR1500g UPS system and help you find out more about this particular model, and then ultimately make a more informed decision as to whether this is the right model for you.

The design of the APC BR1500g is pretty sleek, it is tall and quite thin, almost like a PC itself, so it will be able to fit into smaller spaces quite easily. The system does not have a huge learning curve either. It is fairly quick and easy to set up out of the box, and the instructions included clearly show how to use all of the different features and functions on the unit.

Overview of the BR1500g

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A closer look at the APC BR1500g

Number of outletsAPC-BR1500g-2a

With a lot of PC setups, you are going to have additional equipment such as printers, monitors and speakers all connected, so it is important that you have a UPS system with enough outlets to accommodate all of these. The APC BR1500g has a total of 10 outlets, which are broken down into 5 battery and surge outlets, and 5 surge only outlets.

This configuration will give you plenty of availability to plug in various appliances to ensure they all get the protection they need from any power loss or surges in power. The outlets are all positioned on the outside of the back of the system, so are easy to access and plug in anything that you want to be connected to the system.

APC-BR1500g-3LCD console

The LCD console of the front of the APC BR1500g gives you a lot of information about the modes of operation, the battery level, parameters and different alarms too. It is clear to read and you will get a lot of useful information displayed on there so you can see what is going on at all times. The alarms provided can be seen visually on the display, and also heard through audible notifications too.

Battery type

The APC BR1500g contains a maintenance free, sealed lead-acid battery, with suspended electrolyte. It is a durable and reliable battery and provides the stability throughout the unit. When the time eventually comes to replace the battery, you are able to do this yourself without having to take the unit into a factory for the battery to be replaced.

If you require additional run time in the case of a power outage, then you have the option of purchasing separately an additional add-on battery that will give you up to 4X the running time for your equipment when the external power is off. So if you run a lot of equipment and need that extra time this is a great option to have.

The intelligent battery management used by the BR1500g will help to maximize the performance of the battery, and also prolongs the life of the battery. The precision charging will also help to improve the overall reliability of the unit itself too.

Additional points

When you first get your APC BR1500g, you will need to charge it up and this can take about 8 hours. During this time you will find the unit to be quite noisy as the fan is blowing constantly. You do not need to worry about this, the fan turns off once the unit is fully charged and it is then completely silent. So you will only experience this noise initially the first time you plug it in for charging.

APC BR1500g review

Final thoughts on the APC BR1500g UPS system

The BR1500g is a very reliable and easy to use UPS system that provides you with the protection you need against power outages and surges. With the 10 separate outlets available you have a lot of availability for equipment to be plugged in to the unit. For the price, the APC BR1500g is an excellent option for those who have smaller setups at home or in the office.

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